The Salabani Primary School in Ilchamus Ward, Baringo South Constituency, Baringo County, which was submerged earlier last year owing to rising Lake Baringo water levels, was commissioned, thanks to ChildFund, ChildFund Kenya, and project implementer Central Rift Community Development Program, the government of Kenya and Salabani community.

Salabani Primary School that submerged in L. Baringo

As a result, the construction of this institution has gone a long way toward ensuring that all of the children who attend there learn in a safe setting.

Childfund’s efforts are evident in the completion of eight classrooms, two ECD classrooms, one administration block with office furniture, two 6-door pit latrines for primary school, one 2-door latrine for administration, and two 4-door pit latrines for ECD, as well as 400 desks and 170 chairs and 45 tables for the ECD.

A 10,000-litre water tank was erected for the primary school, as well as another 10,000-litre water tank for the ECD classes. This is to ensure that children’s health and sanitation are prioritized. The entire investment in the project was Ksh. 31 million.

Approximately 165 ECD students aged 3-6 years old and 273 primary school students aged 7–14 have benefited from quality education. There is also an increased number of students enrolled and improved school performance compared to the previous years.


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